Using R3 within an editor on Win32

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
28-Oct-2009 6:19 GMT

Article #0284
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With the stdio changes made to A93 it's now easier to setup and use R3 within various code editors.

For example, I tested R3 with the latest version of Crimson Editor:

(See this note for setup details.)

When I hit CTRL-E (to evaluate the script) the panel at the bottom immediately displays the output of R3. The console window does not open.

Try A93 with your own favorite editor, IDE, or other environment and tell us how it does.

Unicode Note

I should note that the redirected input and output are always UTF-8 (or just ASCII, depending on your usage), so your editor will need to account for that if you use Unicode.


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