Host Kit for Linux released - More to follow

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
12-Dec-2009 18:50 GMT

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The R3 Host Kit allows developers to compile and link an R3 executable.

Yesterday the first Host Kit for Linux was released. Next, we'll work on OS X, but it doesn't use the .so shared lib model, so it may take more time to get it released.

Here's a summary of Host Kit releases:

 Windows32Released. Developers confirm it builds and runs.
 Linux (lib6)Just released. Contact me on Chat if you want to test it.
 Linux (Fedora)Just released. Ditto.
 OS X (Intel)Pending. If you're an OS X guru, contact me directly (chat or feedback)
 OS X (PPC)Pending. Same note as above.
 FreeBSDBuild. Contact me if you want it.
 iPhonecontact me (if you have experience)
 Androidcontact me (if you have experience)


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