Call for critical A98 fixes

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
16-Apr-2010 3:13 GMT

Article #0311
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As you know, the main focus of R3 A98 is to add hosted (resident) extensions. This makes it possible to include extended modules (with your own native functions) bundled within a single executable file, thereby eliminating the need for external libraries to accompany the distribution and installation of the program.

A98 will be released in a few days, but there may be time to make a few other critical fixes, as long as it does not delay the release. Hopefully, after A98, we can return to more frequent updates to address various other bugs and wishes.

Once A98 is tested, the graphics library will be back ported into the hosted extension mechanism (along with a few changes to how DELECT processes dialects into command calls.)


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