A104 Test Release

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
26-Aug-2010 3:47 GMT

Article #0332
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The A104 release is not a general release; it is a draft release for guru developers only. As stated in the prior article, this release merges the primary REBOL lib with the extension lib, simplifying external code. There's only one lib to deal with now.

All prefix for entries in the library have been modified to begin with RL_ so it will produce compiler errors that are easy to spot.

The library can be used for both the host and for loaded extensions. In other words the same lib works as a DLL and also as a callback struct (which uses the RL macros, see prior article.)

Diff the sources and you will notice that there are a few include file changes. Mainly, the reb-lib.h file holds the definitions related to the new library.

This is an untested release. I don't even know if you'll be able to compile it. We will collect comments and suggestions for inclusion in A105.

In addition, A105 will add a test for checking the lib version/compatibility, to prevent the case of loading the wrong DLL and blowing out for mysterious reasons. We will also allow struct alignment checks, because we've seen some developers create bad builds due to improper compiler setup.


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