Smoother LAUNCH function?

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
28-Sep-2010 17:47 GMT

Article #0336
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There have been a few discussions here and there about making the launch function a bit "smoother" in operation.

I'm in favor of making such changes, but there are always some issues when you're passing source out through the shell and back into another instance of REBOL via the command line. There's probably some kind of decent balancing point that's not perfect but gets us most of what we need.

Henrik has suggested:

if arg [append args mold/all arg]

but, that he notes a quoting problem with that (a bug?)... so another method would be:

if arg [append args to-binary mold/all arg]

But, of course, that is hex encoded.

Let's figure this out. If you have some ideas, please post them, the sooner the better.


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