RFC: A108 LOAD/SAVE support changes

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
18-Oct-2010 19:35 GMT

Article #0342
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This is a very quick request for comments on some changes that will be made to get the new LOAD/SAVE code working the way we want in A108. I think most of these are obvious, but if you have some insights, post them.

  • CHECKSUM/part will be added
  • DECOMPRESS/part will be added

If possible, also:

  • Better validation of compress header before memory allocation is attempted.
  • MOLD/options [base: 64] (to replace system/options/binary-base usage for SAVE/LOAD operations.)
  • APPEND object options (TBD) using refinements to allow features like a block of words and words-in-contexts. (More to be said on this later.)

If you add your comment in the next couple hours we'll check for it prior to A108 release.


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