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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
8-Apr-2006 20:18 GMT

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As I mentioned in my notes published on I have been looking for a way to post my notes about REBOL 3.0. But, unlike my existing blog, it is also really important for me to allow users to post their feedback and ideas.

I asked for suggestions on a good blogger solution and received a few replies, but so far nothing has worked out. The software was either not quite ready for use, required complicated setup, or like, was not really as usable as I require.

But, time has run out. I need to get my notes published, so for now, I'm using my blogger.r script. It took me only 30 seconds to get this blog configured and on-line. "Now, that's what I'm talking about."

But then, what to do about your comments? I'm not sure yet. I will figure something out soon. Perhaps I can find a way to hook together blogger.r and the REBOL BBS, assuming it only takes a couple hours to make it work properly.

Note that the RSS feed should be working as well, but I've not tested it. Please contact me if it is a problem.



Carl Sassenrath
9-Apr-2006 13:08
Testing comment section.
9-Apr-2006 13:20
:) navigation ("next article" and from index) does not work
Carl Sassenrath
9-Apr-2006 13:23
Ok, I see it now. Will get it fixed. Thanks.
Carl Sassenrath
9-Apr-2006 13:43
Fixed now.
Brian Hawley
9-Apr-2006 17:47
You have some layout errors here and some bad HTML. You might want to remove the width: 100% on the "note" class, add a doctype to put IE into standards-compliant mode, and clean up your HTML templates. There's also a bad a tag near the beginning and random tags at the end of the entries with no corresponding opening tags, and some other random tags here and there.

Just trying to help!

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