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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
22-May-2006 18:27 GMT

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If you posted a feedback message (not a comment) or email to, to me directly, or to my blog since 17-May-2006, we probably did not receive it. Sorry! Please send it to us again.

What happened? It turns out that the file space quota system used by our web service provider simply ignores a file write when the quota has been reached. As a result, it appeared that email and CGI services were working fine (at the program level), but they were not.

To avoid this problem in the future: We've enhanced a few of our scripts to verify that file writes actually happen and to tell us (and you) if a failure occurred. At least that way we'll both know that there was a problem.

Again, sorry about that!



24-May-2006 9:35
Maybe a new feature for rebol 3.0 : a new refinement for 'write function

write/verify-if-really-done %myfile.txt


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