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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
20-Aug-2006 18:26 GMT

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One of the goals of REBOL 3.0 is to substantially improve the REBOL test suites to get better proof and coverage of the implementation. Due to the depth of REBOL semantics, these tests also represent a method of specification for the language itself.

Such tests are non-trivial to design due to the great range of datatype cases and boundary conditions in REBOL. However, I am pleased to announce that Ladislav Mercir, in addition to other REBOL 3.0 implementation responsibilities, is now in charge of the new tests.

As you know, Ladislav has a deep understanding for REBOL, and I am confident that these tests will help improve reliability of the new 3.0 system. If there is a particular test case that you need (or for that matter want to contribute), please contact Ladislav.



21-Aug-2006 12:32:36

Congratulations on getting the 'short straw' in the draw. For test suites, is Carl talking about:

* a comprehensive set of test conditions:

*> that will be runnable at any time e.g. system/validate %test-suite.txt

*> that will verify the correct functioning of the system by returning a defined result ... which can be compared to a pre-defined result and throw an exception if the predicted and the actual differ

*> that will display progress in a view window

*> that are uniquely identified with persistent test-IDs

*> that are viewable in a stand alone mode i.e. without running them ... maybe a View viewer

*> that test for backward compatibility for prior version and themselves have version management

I would be interested to see the proposals to see if I am anywhere near the mark.

21-Aug-2006 14:16:10
That's really a good news. I think a wiki web site could help the community to add some tests that Ladislav could validate. Also, it would be interesting to see testing scripts to know what is being tested and eventually people could ask to add some stuff.
Carl Sassenrath
21-Aug-2006 20:38:36
Mike, nice list. Add to that: must run in /Core, /View, and all other builds.

Greg, yes... that is an important goal for the long term. For today, a skillful level of balance is needed to get best coverage for the code. But, I look forward to community additions to help round them out in the future.

Marco (Coccinelle)
23-Aug-2006 3:40:20
Hi Carl and Ladislav,

There is an excellent testing tool from Christophe. Inspired from JUnit.

Run "(R)EBOL (Un)it" allows you running test case and test suite in a very efficient manner.

It's on the site here :

23-Aug-2006 16:58:16
This is most likely not a suitable tool, since you want one that will run directly on Core and probably one that follows true unit testing principles (I have only little experience in such testing), but I made a GUI based tool called Tester a while back for my own use. I think it could be a primitive prototype of a useful general testing tool.

You can read about it here: The docs are a few months old.

It's undergoing constant development (for my personal increasing needs) and is somewhat stable now.

24-Aug-2006 10:32:49
Docs moved to and are being updated.

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