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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
27-Nov-2006 16:59 GMT

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I just wanted to comment, since it has been several weeks since I posted here, that 3.0 is still developing.

The primary progress in recent weeks has been the completion of the first "environment". This is a wrapper around the embedded REBOL library kernel, with callbacks to the wrapper for OS specific functions (e.g. output to the console). This approach allows REBOL to be easily integrated into a wide range of programs including such things as web browsers and http servers.

I should note again that the more "quiet" things seem to be, the more is getting done. This is true for most types of software projects, not just REBOL.



Marco (Coccinelle)
28-Nov-2006 11:21:13
If I understand well, software projects are like young childrens. When you do not hear them any more, something occurs and be careful.
Carl Sassenrath
28-Nov-2006 13:27:52
Yes, exactly. When they are too quiet, watch out!

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