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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
5-Apr-2007 0:20 GMT

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Like trim on strings you can now do trim on blocks. But, rather than remove spaces, trim on blocks removes NONEs.

Valid refinements are /all, /head, and /tail, and work as you would expect (same as strings).

Example is:

>> blk: reduce [1 none "test" none 'word]
>> trim/all blk
== [1 "test" word]

This native action is much faster than doing it at mezzaine level.

Perhaps later we can add /with refinement to trim other types of values, or even values by datatype (like trim/with block string! to remove all strings).



Brian Hawley
5-Apr-2007 20:35:38
This seems much faster than REMOVE/EACH. I can definitely use something like this.
5-Apr-2007 21:27:40
5-Apr-2007 21:30:58
Sometimes (like after a parse) there are empty strings in the block-- it would be nice if trim could clear those out as well.
Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
5-Apr-2007 23:39:01
Edoc is right, when I read trim on block "" was the first thing I hoped it would clear...

honestly, I don't even remember when I've needed to remove nones, but I have many scenarious with parsing and tokenizing where a block ends up with useless empty strings.

6-Apr-2007 7:09:14
Does a TRIM/SKIP makes sense to be used with HEADER / TAIL? Often blocks are used to store records.
Mario Cassani
6-Apr-2007 14:42:02
This will speed things up with files management (riding the 'move wave):

files: read %/path/to/dir/.
trim/with files something_that_means_file_or_dir

Should be really quicker and better than checking the block with 'forall and 'dir?

The problem is that file! means also "dir" and path! is not what's returned by:

type? dirize %/any/path

Brian Hawley
7-Apr-2007 10:39:53
Mario, try REMOVE-EACH for that kind of thing. It's a native and you'd be surprised how fast it is already.
files: remove-each x read %/path/to/dir/ [dir? x]

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