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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
12-Apr-2007 18:00 GMT

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Just a quick note: Some of you probably know that REBOL R2 has some SNMP (simple network management protocol) already in it. Yes, it is handy for IT departments, etc. So, we'll be opening that code up in an R3.0 source module. I hope that one of you REBOLers who know SNMP (better than I do) can help with it... make it more useful, but still keep it lightweight (as is our REBOL principle).



Brian Tiffin
13-Apr-2007 22:38:39
What is the cost to R3.0 if tuple! is expanded to include more than 10 sections and loses the 8bit limit (to support SNMP MIBs)?

As always, thanks for listening.

Gregg Irwin
14-Apr-2007 17:27:47
Something else to consider, WRT tuples, is IPv6 addresses.
15-Apr-2007 16:30:52
I used a lot of times the snmp script for retrieving SNMP values on remote servers (Un*x, AS400, etc.) But if snmp is very important for REBOL, libs for drawing and store results too. (that makes the success of RDD or Cacti tools).
Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
16-Apr-2007 22:34:56
I've needed 16 bit tupples a few times... especially since they are now used in many other applications and even in web css too.
Steve Haney
23-Apr-2009 17:03:39
I needed to write a some programs at work to run SNMP and since I love REBOL, that was my choice (had to fight the higher-ups because I didn't know/want to use Perl). I tried using snmp.r but couldn't get it to work (I'm not a programmer), so my SNMP commands consisted of creating the commands as strings in REBOL, writing them to a .bat file, and calling the file. It worked but was a long way to get there. Still don't know how to access the built-in SNMP in R2, so looking forward to R3. Anyone have experience that could give me some hints?

Also, couldn't find "" as mentioned by Philippe.

Would love to help since I know SNMP, but again I'm not a programmer. I do system testing for a living so I can help there when it's available in R3.

Thanks, and thanks to Carl for REBOL and the Amiga!

Steve Haney
23-Apr-2009 17:06:48
Sorry, found the link (copy and paste error). You can delete that part of my post if you like.

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