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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
14-Aug-2007 18:33 GMT

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What C compiler is used to build these releases?

MSVC 6. We use this for a few reasons:

  1. decent results (although we know not perfect)
  2. not complex to understand its workings, makefiles, and output binaries
  3. the IDE is a smart and reasonable size (not multi GB like newer studios).

The chances are also good that we will do some builds using GCC, just to verify that we are compiling in that domain too.

What libraries are being linked?

rebol.lib agg.lib kernel32.lib user32.lib gdi32.lib comdlg32.lib advapi32.lib shell32.lib wsock32.lib But note that we use dynamic multithreaded lib linking (run time linking).

Is the stuff in the .exe going to be the open source part, and .dll the closed?

Yes, exe part is open source, and we really encourage developer help and contributions.

But just to note, we will be selective about contributions to maintain the principles of REBOL. In other words, if you want to build a 500MB exe for yourself, we won't stop you. But, the REBOL std exe will never be made that size, because we do not believe in the modern ignore-the-bloat methods of software design.

Someone asked in the blog, if the cursor icon can be changed.

Yes, it can be, and there is a very cool demo of it in the examples folder. It shows many different cursors and even a custom cursor with alpha transparency that you are sure to enjoy.

I guess, such things are going to be in the open source part?

Yes, that's where such things are implemented. But note, we are going to incorporate most of such things in the standard design, and it is too early for users to be questioning about what is and what is not in it. R3 is going to be a good system! If we miss something important, then you can help us to add it!



14-Aug-2007 15:19:37
Nice FAQ. The most fundamental question missing though - when? :-)
14-Aug-2007 15:53:01
Q1 We use dynamic multithreaded lib linking (run time linking)
Any particular reason for that?

I am also curious. Isn't the Win32 threading API in kernel32? If kernel32 is linked statically, can it be linked dynamically at the same time?

Q2 In Win32, are we going to have two files, one EXE and one DLL? Or just one EXE?
14-Aug-2007 16:13:19
Jerry: AFAIK there will be general releases with just one EXE (like today's core, view...) and DLL for use in other programs.
15-Aug-2007 14:46:40
I've just realized that the Q1 question I asked above could be a stupid question. I am sorry for that.
29-Aug-2007 19:21:51
I think the main reason for the dynamic multithreaded lib is Rebol as a plugin in browsers (or any other apps). You can find the dll file even in current versions of Rebol plugin (but these are not multithreaded yet)

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