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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
30-Aug-2007 4:08 GMT

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Here is a frequent pattern: you have a block of set-words and value expressions. You want to reduce the expressions, but leave the set-words as is.

For example, you might have:

spec: [ 
    size: xy + 100x200
    offset: parent / 2
    text: join base specific

Then you want to do something like:

a-spec: make map! spec

or perhaps:

a-gob: make gob! spec

But, that is a problem, because you cannot easily reduce the block without the set-words getting set.

Fortunately, along comes REDUCE/no-set. This refinement to REDUCE prevents the set operation for set-words within the block.

Using it on the spec block above, you would see something like:

>> probe reduce/no-set spec
== [
    size: 240x480
    offset: 100x200
    text: "App Prefs"



30-Aug-2007 5:42:32
I have practically never needed to reduce a set-word inside a block, so this is a deeply welcome feature. Thanks. :-)
30-Aug-2007 8:49:31
Very interesting to generate VID scripts at run time. Very good idea.
31-Aug-2007 2:13:10
I think I use compose in those cases....
31-Aug-2007 5:41:38
My problem with COMPOSE in such cases is, as soon as you calculate something with parens it's a bit cumbersome to get done right.
1-Sep-2007 8:34:06
Should the /only refinement be renamed if this refinement is added? /no-set /no-func /no-path with /only left for backwards compat but marked deprecated?
21-Dec-2007 11:10:06
It'd be nice if this were default behaviour of reduce, with reduce/all as the all-powerful override. Yes, it'd not be compatible, but in this case merited on the benefits to the language?
Pier Johnson
20-Jan-2008 18:59:09

This gives the smarter programmer dynamic (run-time) data setting.

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