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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
25-Feb-2008 0:26 GMT

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The first Unicode R3 was released today to selected early testers.

It's taken a lot of work to get here. A lot of work. Today, at this stage, we're just testing the basic operation. There's still work ahead, but we're at least seeing our efforts rewarded.

Within minutes of the release, Jerry Tsai sent me this image, and I more deeply felt the impact R3 is going to have...

Also, it was so cool to me that this new R3 kernel... including all datatypes, native functions, mezz functions, compression, host/device model, checksums and hashes, PARSE, help strings, and system object...

Was only 141 KB as a .zip file!

So, our anti-complexity, anti-bloat, downright rebollious philosophy holds true... even with the advances and Unicode capabilities of R3.

So nice to know it can be done.



25-Feb-2008 22:20:14
Good news Carl! This Unicode capability becomes more and more important nowadays!
26-Feb-2008 1:01:57
looks cool :-) looking forward to this release!
Jerry Tsai
26-Feb-2008 2:55:45
I am trying it, and I am really excited about it. I need some tranquilizer.

It's more than I expected. Unicode can be used not only in string!, but also in bitset! and word!, which make lots of possibilities.

Jerry Tsai
26-Feb-2008 3:04:44
The combination of BITSET! and unicode makes parsing CJK strings never easier.

The combination of WORD! and unicode makes the Chinese programming possible. I can make Chinese aliases for every word, in that case, I can write REBOL program in Chinese, instead of in English. It's not practical, but it's good for children to learn programming.

Jerry Tsai
26-Feb-2008 3:14:07
In my system, the console is Unicode-aware, I can type in Unicode. I can read and show the content of an UTF-8 file containing Chinese and Japanese text. No problem at all.
Jerry Tsai
26-Feb-2008 3:38:32
And also, the size is amazing. When I saw the tiny file the very first time, I wondered how Carl can squeeze all the good stuff into it. I really need to review what I've learned in college about Data Structure and Algorithm.
26-Feb-2008 10:18:48
GREAT News! Congrats to all involved!
26-Feb-2008 17:02:50
Thanks... what a fantastic story. I have to work with Greek and Hungarian text for the next few months, so I'm looking forward to this.
maxim oliver-adlhoch
26-Feb-2008 23:47:19
wow, unicode even within word use, that is really quite an accomplishment.

the decision to steer away from a unicode type has had a much more fundamental impact than originaly planned !?!?

Jerry Tsai
27-Feb-2008 1:18:12
It's core. I don't know when the view system will support Unicode.
27-Feb-2008 5:03:14
Hello Jerry. Last I talked to Cyphre supporting unicode in View would take cca 2 days of work. But you know how things go sometimes. So - we will see, when Cyphre finds his time to adapt View engine to reflect Unicode changes. It would be nice if it would be available with next Beta :-)
28-Feb-2008 16:36:43
Hi Carl, keep up the excellent work you're doing, I know how HARD and energy-draining it is, to come up with such brillant result while keeping the design simple and efficient.
9-Mar-2008 11:59:54
Saw the screen shot, didn't try it yet, but still it's too cool and amazing to be true!! Progam download size is stil kept at KBs, I'm simply speechless!
蔡學鏞 / Jerry Tsai
15-Mar-2008 1:41:49
如果你能閱讀中文的話,可以到我的 REBOL 中文 blog ,我會陸續用中文發表文章
21-Mar-2008 22:34:42
what is it? give us a brief introduction please
22-Mar-2008 14:42:39
This is great news! I've been waiting for this for several years. Your work is going to be greatly appreciated by many people.
22-Oct-2008 13:01:09
Great ! I hope this new version will run on Mac OS X intel !

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