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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
19-Sep-2008 5:32 GMT

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Ok, pressure from the user-base requires me to take a break from coding and start to describe the R3 GUI. I'll start at the top, with the objectives and work my way to the lower levels.

I use this word "objectives" a lot. Some of you may not know precisely what I mean.

The word is very important to me. Think of an objective as a target. (Another word is goal, but normally a goal is an objective plus a timeline.... difficult to specify for complex software.)

People sometimes ask me how I write code. My method: I code by objectives.

Over the months of working on the GUI, I've refined it's objectives, based on the ultimate impact I want it to have.

Now, I just need to decide on the best location to start publishing the the GUI information. I think the REBOL DocBase (Mediawiki) makes the most sense, do you agree? (Although I still prefer MakeDoc format for most things. But, must bite the bullet.) However, we'll need to be very careful not to mix up the new GUI docs with the old. I hope I can get your help with it.



19-Sep-2008 2:40:34
For discussion topics, use blog, for document storage, use DocBase. Ditto for screenshots :-)
Gregg Irwin
19-Sep-2008 11:18:41
MediaWiki is good for public consumption, but Henrik has worked up some tools to help generate and post to it automatically. I'll still push to have things in REBOL format so we can process and target content as needed. If it's in MediaWiki, we can't use it from REBOL.
Brian Hawley
19-Sep-2008 11:29:48
You might consider posting your objectives here as soon as you can - we need stuff to discuss and it would help us to understand where you are going.
19-Sep-2008 16:54:03
Personally I think the blog is the best since: 1. It's fast and easy for you (Mo time for cod'n); 2. The people who have prompted this discussion are all consumers of the blog; 3. All the info will get spread around anyway by those who care (I can only imagine the Altme conversations that will ensue, er, if you could leave out any objectives that have to do with the US or France, that would be good [inside joke]); 4. People like me won't have to chase anything down; 5. It's written in Rebol, right?; 6. You won't have to have any misgivings about having to use another technology. (Why torture yourself?)

Thanks for your efforts. From what Henrik has been communicating it sounds exciting.

22-Sep-2008 17:56:15
I prefer to use DocBase because it is well-organized and easy to read. It can be in "Special notes, issues" section or in a new section like "Design Notes".

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