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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
21-Sep-2008 22:05 GMT

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We need to come up with a name for the R3 GUI dialect. We've talked about this in private chat, but we must finalize it now.

As you know, REBOL's GUI is a lean but powerful layer on top of the main graphics system. In R2, the GUI was called VID, the Visual Interface Dialect.

The R3 GUI has a new architecture. Although it uses similar methods, it is substantially different from the VID of R2. If we use the same name for R3, we run the risk of users being confused by the documentation for the older R2 VID.

Therefore, it seems best to come up with a new name. The name will be used for the GUI subsystem (which is also the application content/layout/action, "pages" method). So, mainly for us techies to refer to it in docs or chats. It is not a new name for REBOL or the R3 browser.

So, post your favorite name here in the comment section.

But first, just a few quick rules:

  • Short names are best (because the name gets used for objects, filenames, etc.) I liked VID because names like VID-STYLE and VID-FACE were easy.
  • Avoid names used by other GUI systems. Also, avoid names that are trademarked (or otherwise used) for software "in the same domain." For example, Flash is out.
  • It's a plus if the name is unique but still easy to say (verbally). When I say VID, you know what I'm talking about. If we had called it GUI or GGG... not as easy.
  • It's ok if the name has other meanings, as long as they're not in poor taste. Just as an example, if we called it QUID (Quick User Interface Dialect) that's the slang name of the British pound, but I don't think that would be a problem.

After we see the list of suggestions, hopefully one will stand out.

What do you win? Let me think... how about a free REBOL 3.0 t-shirt? In fact, even better: The very first REBOL 3.0 t-shirt! (We're nearing the time to get some made!)



Peter Wood
21-Sep-2008 18:53:58
EVA - Easy Visuals & Audio
21-Sep-2008 18:57:29
Glow; Lights; Engage; Enquire; Elicit
Peter Wood
21-Sep-2008 18:57:45
On a more light-hearted note. You could build on your use of gob and call it SID (Spitting Image Dialect).
21-Sep-2008 19:05:54
Carl came up with AVID, and as it might be taken, we could reverse it, so - DIVA :-)

Of course I also think, that keeping VID would not be a real problem. R3 is going to be used by new users, and they will not be bothered by compatibility problems ....

Gregg Irwin
21-Sep-2008 19:14:49
RAID - REBOL Advanced Interface Dialect

If you want the focus on Applications:

RAID - REBOL Application Interface Dialect

Could also lose the R on those if you consider it redundant. Then you could add an E on the end for the Environment (IDE): AIDE

FORML - Not an acronym. Just Form+ML

21-Sep-2008 19:50:39

Graphical object dialect

21-Sep-2008 20:52:07
EGO Enhanced Graphical Objects or Easy Graphical Objects
21-Sep-2008 21:06:39
VSD. View System Dialect
21-Sep-2008 21:19:57
WAX - for when your applications need a little shine ;)
21-Sep-2008 21:20:27
aRVID - R-VID but with the 'A' it looks like a proper name and looks less like VID on its own. The R is simply for Rebol. So this is just more of a good thing. ;-)

HARVARD, like the one time (a long time ago) graphics champ, Harvard Graphics. I know it is a long name and I can't think of an acronym, but the name sounds sophisticated and refined. The R's can be for Rebol and V for VID or Video, D for Draw or Dialect. After all, Silver Light isn't exactly short, just sounds cool.

I like the suggestions by Pekr with DIVA based on Carl's AVID, but isn't AVID a publisher of 3D software? I could be wrong.

Looking back at Carl's post LEAN is mentioned in describing the layer on top of the main graphics system. So that could be used by itself, or
LGD for Lean Graphics Dialect or
LARGE for Lean application graphics environment.

If just thinking about names; Sword, Flight, Razor, Puddy, Hail, Art. These all sound neat and have different but reasonable meaning that can easily be expanded upon.

Brian Tiffin
21-Sep-2008 21:26:12
GUIR as in gear or gui R or gooier The REBOL gui.

confui as in latin


Ken Collins
21-Sep-2008 22:32:12
Easy Dialect for Graphical Expression
21-Sep-2008 23:26:11
Mask, Facade, Front, Veneer
Jerry Tsai
21-Sep-2008 23:39:37
Veil (Visual Effect Interface Language)
22-Sep-2008 2:47:24
Honour the obvious French interest in REBOL and name it after a pre-eminent artist:


(REBOL Object Data INterface)

22-Sep-2008 2:52:15
VID2: For the old stuff, marking clearly that its VID2

VID3: For the new stuff.

Keep it simple and don't invent new names all the time. It's bad, there is no connection between past and present.

For example: Since Intel named their processor after I-can't-remember I lost track and wasn't interested anymore.

Take a look at car manufactors. A Mercedes M-class is named always like this. They never change names. Only new types etc.

22-Sep-2008 3:03:32
Do we need to keep the distinction between the native (View) and mezz (VID) implementation? If not, just call it View.
22-Sep-2008 3:50:56
As for Robert's suggestion, - interesting. I never liked any versioning numbers in subsystem names. But if we were about to follow praxis, most ppl already use VID2 vs VID3, so it might work. Ashley's proposal is also interesting, View is nice and sound name. I would like to ask, if View in itself will exist? Or will it be just a "component" of R3? Will RT encap and provide some products? If so, then we should keep View reserved for Core + View functionalities as a product name, not a gfx dialect name ....
22-Sep-2008 3:59:16
NID = New Interface Dialect
PGID = Powerfull Graphical Interface Dialect
RFUI = Rebol For User Interface
DFUI = Dialect For User Interface
UID = User Interface Dialect (but has common other sense, so not good enough)
DRUID = Describe Robust User Interface Dialect (not bad but acronym must be better)
TSD = Text to Screen Dialect

Anyway, finding a name for something that you even don't really know what it does is not really easy !

22-Sep-2008 4:36:47
Rebletta - because a lot of UIs will run as Reblets. has a (female) person name "feel" to it, as if it were a real somebody.

Then we can continue down the road with RebletRunner etc.

22-Sep-2008 5:38:02

VDU: Visual Directive/Delivery Unit

SDU: Sonic Directive/Delivery Unit



22-Sep-2008 8:10:32
VPF Visual Presentation Framework Very polished facets Very presentable faces VID goes PoooF
Carl Read
22-Sep-2008 8:52:17

REBOL InterFace.

Comes with the advantage of suggesting it's for improvising something quickly.

22-Sep-2008 9:07:27

Going for the minimal...

I: Interface

Less to type, sounds like 'eye' (as in visual). Can't think of a similar one for audio...



John Niclasen
22-Sep-2008 9:54:59
Chrom, Chromo or Krom (the god of steel from Conan). It's in my view of REBOL being a tough language. I have this vision of REBOL commercials, where programmers need all kinds of safety equipment, when programming in REBOL.

("Chromo" is related to color. It should also be noticed, that the new Google browser is called "Chrome".)

22-Sep-2008 10:39:52
Now I can't get the image of Carl Schwarzenegger out of my head.

I need to lie down.



22-Sep-2008 10:42:58
Geomol, if you have a vision, then let's call it Vision :-)
Giuseppe Chillemi
22-Sep-2008 12:46:05
WID ! From Wizard Interface Dialect !


Giuseppe Chillemi
22-Sep-2008 12:49:28
Also WOV ! Wizard of Video

Also WOD ! Wizard of Display


Paul LYS
22-Sep-2008 14:14:45
what about SIGHT, or LOS (for Line Of Sight)?
22-Sep-2008 18:14:29
How about REBOL/DD (REBOL Display Dialect)
22-Sep-2008 20:36:06
FBI = Face Builder Interface ??

Muwhahahaa that's to joke with RAID in france RAID is a special police task force .... something like american SWAT.

22-Sep-2008 20:42:30
Hum VENTANA ? after Mircrosoft VISTA? Rebol Technologies is proud to presents VENTANA (they kicked us by the door so we are back by the window ^____^)

22-Sep-2008 20:56:28
DID - Display interface dialect.
22-Sep-2008 21:23:30
CUE - Common User Environment
22-Sep-2008 21:31:33
I like the suggestion made earlier to simply keep the next generation VID3. Which bring up the option of VID-NG (NG - Next Generation or abbreviation for eNGine).
23-Sep-2008 0:42:22
My turn to play :

RID : Rebol Interface Design/Dialect

VID3 : VID for Rebol 3

23-Sep-2008 2:01:13
VISual Order Rules
Together with Rebol you get ReVisor
23-Sep-2008 3:44:41
YSM = You See ME.
GUID = Graphic/Genial/Genius/Global User Interface Dialect (looks like "guide").
QUID = Quick User Interface Dialect.
PEID = Powerfull but Easy Interface Dialect.
PRID = Powerfull Rebol/Rapid/Robust Interface Dialect (looks like "pride", I like this one).
RIDE = Rebol Interface Dialect Enhanced (I like it too)
23-Sep-2008 6:19:43
DAWN = Dialect(ing) Application Windows Now!
23-Sep-2008 6:21:12
DRAWN = Dialecting Rebol Application Windows Now!
23-Sep-2008 9:21:21
Another: PAGE (Not an acronym but a description of what it is)
Gregg Irwin
23-Sep-2008 12:36:26
Shadwolf, thanks for the note about RAID. I had no idea.

In France, would that be a good association or a bad one? Here, SWAT is positive but the FBI...not so much.

Maybe "CSI REBOL" would catch on here though. :) (joke, due to the number of spinoffs that TV show has spawned)

23-Sep-2008 16:34:35
Call the interface "CINDY" ;-)

24-Sep-2008 10:17:16
How about shirt? Got that idea from your tshirt-offer. :D Then i thought: a gui is like clothes for the app, and a tshirt is a pretty lightweight on. As shortcut shi-style, shi-face etc. Sounds chinese :)
24-Sep-2008 10:41:11
R3G SPD (Pronounced 'Speed') Other non-acronym: Jazz
José A M Pacheco
24-Sep-2008 12:14:12
VID-X, VID extended, hummmm???
Mark Ingram
24-Sep-2008 14:25:51
While I like VID3 or even VI3, I understand Carl's ease of pronunciation requirement.

How about VIS?

It is not clearly owned by anyone, the acronym is perfect (Visual Interface System), and I like all its meanings:

  • English gender neutral possessive pronoun (OK, I'm joking on this one)
  • A form of polygon culling in computer graphics
  • Visible light
  • A Polish handgun {!}
  • Short form of vis-a-vis, meaning "with regard to"
  • I would have preferred VIZ, actually, but that one is taken (by like three or four bodies).

    24-Sep-2008 18:30:22
    24-Sep-2008 21:03:40
    Another one:

    VIVID: Vastly Improved VID


    25-Sep-2008 3:04:25
    Heh, I really like VIVID :-)
    25-Sep-2008 5:19:52
    I have no real suggestion, but it's important to to see which context the name is going to be used: Namely as the GUI language for the REBOL browser. It has to be as recognizable as the word "HTML" is for webbrowsers and is inherently tied to the browser model. It is in fact so recognizable, because it's the regular extension for webpages, so everyone sees the name at one point or another. The word HTML word is even present at the bottom on this very page and people know what it means.

    Think about that for a second.

    Think also about where you hear about HTML in general conversation:

    • HTML-page
    • HTML-table
    • HTML-browser
    • HTML-engine
    • HTML-layout
    • HTML-tag
    • .html (as in page file names or in URLs)
    • HTML-standard
    • HTML-document

    If having the name for the REBOL 3 GUI engine being as "available" (if that's the way to put it) as HTML is, it will resonate far better with the general public. It's best not to stray too far from the browser in many different aspects and this is one of them. We have to play on familiarity, despite that we are fundamentally different.

    Also the word HTML means HyperText Markup Language, a very objective word that describes almost exactly what's going on without putting any spin on it. If you explain it to a common person, it's fairly easy to understand that this is how webpages are built and interpreted by the browser. Notice how names for systems usually put some kind of positive spin on the system they describe. Just go to your electronics store and read the labels that are stuck on new a TV set, describing its capabilities.

    Here's a good example on a Philips HDTV set, that I randomly dug up via Google in 15 seconds:

    • Eco TV
    • Pixel Plus 3 HD
    • HD Natural Motion
    • BBE high definition sound
    • EasyLink
    • Incredible Surround
    • Settings Assistant

    To me those names are SO easy to forget. They are gone in 5 minutes if you ask me. I don't care about those names. It's not relevant to how well I like the TV anyway. If anything, they are code words for specific systems in the TV, only relevant to its engineers and extreme TV geeks.

    There are however a few other names in that describe the capabilities of the TV more exactly:

    • 1080p
    • HDMI
    • Dolby Digital

    In that respect, the REBOL 3 GUI engine should have a completely objective name (no super-duper-hyper-deluxe-3d-visual-dialect names here).

    As said, I have no good names for it, but here's what you don't want to call it:

    • FLUID - Fantastic Lubricated User Interface Dialect
    • Easy UI
    • Visual Plus
    • Fast UI
    • Natural User Interface Dialect

    The closest I can come up with, which is pretty objective, is really User Interface Dialect, but it does not roll off the tongue well, when abbreviated. And what the heck is a dialect any way?

    25-Sep-2008 5:51:29
    Henrik, I know what you mean, but ... while HTML is known, noone thinks about it as about Hypertext Markup Language. IMO nowadays the meaning is not decomposed, it is simply - HTML.

    While I understand your arguments, whatever you might come out trying to adhere to your naming rules, will be new, cryptic, and you will have to explain it anyway.

    So, as for me, we have imo better chance with something like DIVA, VIVID, FLUID, whatever. Vista has Aero, OS-X has Aqua. As for elements, fire and earth are not taken :-) But really - I mean - why not name it in some non-cryptic way, in the way ppl would talk about?

    My GUI was created in VIVID, or DIVA helped me to create my gui :-)

    25-Sep-2008 7:01:17
    While I agree with Henrik on not using a "geeky" name that ages quickly, I'd point out that acronyms are not the only way to go. Look at Apple:
    • iLife
    • iWork
    • iDVD
    • iTunes
    • iPod
    • iPhone
    They are so successful that just putting the letter "i" in front of any word is now enough to make people think of Apple. Sometimes a simple name/concept like "WIndows" is enough (one of the better names the community has come up with over the years is Max's "Glass" IMHO).
    Bob Warren
    25-Sep-2008 8:16:46
    If you want a name for the Rebol GUI, why not just call it "rebGUI"?

    Or, to personify it, "rebGUY" (leaving us to speculate as to a possible interpretation of the "Y").

    (Of course the real "rebGUY" is Carl!)

    Bob Warren
    25-Sep-2008 8:26:09
    "rebGUY" = Rebol Graphical User Yummies!

    Note that the "reb" prefix for names is in line with Ashley's suggestion above (instead of "i" for Apple, it is "reb" for Rebol).

    Gregg Irwin
    25-Sep-2008 12:59:34
    1080p, HDMI, Dolby Digital, and HTML are standards, that's why they sound familiar. If RT wants to *market* REBOL, being able to badge it as compatible, or easy to integrate with standards would help. That doesn't help with the name, unless it uses a standard, like HTML, which it doesn't.

    Ashley has a good point. If you go that way, I suggest using a name with some kind of association, rather than just a cute name. QNX's GUI, Photon, is a good example. This isn't a GUI system though. That's what View is, and it's a good name. We also have a VIEW function, so the dialect could be called Layout--abbreviated lay for filename and object prefixing. There was an old language/tool called Layout, an early competitor to VB, but it's long gone.

    It also pays to do a quick search on names, to see what comes up.

    26-Sep-2008 3:56:46
    Rebol/V3 or V3 simply enough imo.
    Arie van Wingerden
    26-Sep-2008 10:59:01
    RULE -> Rebol Userinterface Layout Engine
    Lance Boyle
    26-Sep-2008 17:24:52
    N8 - and if I have to tell you why that's a good name, it isn't.
    Jon Pike
    26-Sep-2008 18:20:10
    PROW - Programmable Rebol Output Window or forepart of "something".
    27-Sep-2008 0:53:55
    HP has VUE why not just View?
    27-Sep-2008 7:37:06
    REVOL/viewTK (view tool kit) since view is not only the hability to put widgets in a window but it's too tools to greate widget of draws on widgets that can be a good choice.

    29-Sep-2008 13:35:04
    My first gut reactions were to respond positively to VID3, V3, and VIVID. I like VID3 - that what we're talking about - VID in version 3 of REBOL. I don't think it really needs to be renamed. As version 3 becomes the standard, it would probably even be casually called just "VID". That makes sense to me, it's already the a standard term for those who know REBOL. Why change it? Yes, it's going to be different, but it is after all, VID version 3 - VID3 :)
    30-Sep-2008 16:24:44
    VID NT (Next or New Technologies)

    Next VID (NVID)

    Advanced VID (AVID) like AGA :-)

    eXtended VID (XVID)

    Bob Warren
    30-Sep-2008 21:44:28
    It's a GRAPHICAL user interface, so let's remind people of that in a simple way:


    or even:


    Greg Brondo
    2-Oct-2008 1:22:06
    I second (or maybe third) the vote for VIVID.
    2-Oct-2008 8:02:10
    RAVI = Hindi myth name of a sun god. = Rebol Advanced Visual Interface.
    3-Oct-2008 5:20:14
    EVID Enhanced VID

    But as one point out, why not call it simply Layout !

    I prefer it rather than "Page" or "Rule" that are not so related finally. "Page" sounds paperish and "Rule" is too generic.

    And remember that the 'parse dialect is simply named Parse afterall. The same for 'secure, and so on...

    3-Oct-2008 7:51:52
    VIVID: Google and you may come up with some high quality pictures of some rather hot stuff ...

    PIX (aka PICS): Pictural Interface Content Scripting

    VIX (aka VICS): Visual Interface Content Scripting

    PSID : Page-Showing Interface Dialect

    SHOW, but it's a command name

    REDI : REbol DIsplayer

    RIDE : Rebol Integrated Display Environment

    3-Oct-2008 15:00:55
    My second suggestion: RELAY.

    It's a simple word, and it relates to LAYOUT.

    Think of the GUI as what the user sees, and how the user interacts with the script. RELAY then exists to relay messages and structure between the script and the user.

    6-Oct-2008 14:52:40
    DIVE : Dialect for Interface and Visual Elements
    7-Oct-2008 9:46:52
    SOME suggestions:





    8-Oct-2008 5:39:08
    greb - graphical rebol
    Manfredt Kavetu
    9-Oct-2008 17:37:22
    How about:

    1. RUI = Rebol User Interface

    2. RVI = Rebol Visual Interface

    3. RCL = Rebol Component Library

    10-Oct-2008 19:10:28

    Presentation (layer) for REBOL

    REBOL and PREBOL nice duo

    Paul MacDonald
    11-Oct-2008 11:00:04
    VID30 - Short and meaningful yet distinct from VID
    11-Oct-2008 17:19:37
    How about VISION, VIEW or.. CANVAS?
    Paul Clieu
    14-Oct-2008 20:56:03
    From: Vēnī, vīdī, vīcī "I came, I saw, I conquered."

    VIDi Means: VID improved (I saw.) Not available 76530230

    VIDe imperative sing. of L. videre, to see Means: VID(enhanced) (Appears available)

    16-Oct-2008 19:29:05
    rebud - rebol user-interface dialect
    Boyko Bantchev
    17-Oct-2008 7:42:36
    REGAL, for REBOL's Graphics Application Language,
    REGLE, for REBOL's Graphics Language Engine (or Extension).

    The latter has the ‘privilege’ to be pronounced (in English) like REBOL, and might have some French-speaking supporters as well. The former, however, is a ruling name :)
    In both cases, scripts in this dialect can be called reglets.
    Ryan Cole
    26-Oct-2008 16:09:02
    PIE (Presentation Interface Elements)

    E could otherwise be Environment, Engine, Emitter, Evolved, or Exibitor.

    4-Nov-2008 4:14:17
    Very (or adVanced) Visual Interface Dialect => V.V.I.D => W.I.D. => WID

    Enhanced Visual Interface Dialect => E.V.I.D. => EVID

    Screen Interface Dialect => S.I.D. => SID

    Rebol Interface Dialect => R.I.D. => RID

    10-Nov-2008 12:56:35
    Simple and not confusable with much else: "RV" for "Rebol Visuali[sz]er" pronounced "Harvey".

    It's magic; only seen by one man so far who's going to produce it from under his hat!

    John Niclasen
    12-Nov-2008 3:01:15

    GLamorous User Experience
    Gorgeous Lightweight User Experience
    Graphical Lightweight User Experience
    (or something like that)

    13-Nov-2008 6:20:40
    I think I like EVA and DAWN best because they are women's names. When it is a woman's name, I am already primed to love it.
    19-Nov-2008 0:06:42
    Maybe ------- GALE;Sounds good.

    Graphical Application Language Environment?

    Graphical Application Layout Engine?

    Graphic & Audio Layout Engine

    The new name imho should be names of females; nevermind which language it comes from. I think Gale sounds feminish? GAL + E?

    6-Dec-2008 8:58:42
    theres a massive problem with the likes of your "So, as for me, we have imo better chance with something like DIVA, VIVID, FLUID, " etc.

    virtualy every one will be taken as some form of video Codec or related hardware to use for video streaming outside your small circle.

    and if no rebol coders are willing to write the most basic of x264 video streaming rebol GUIs then your going to get a large comeback from the doom9 website users and the like, plus introduce lots of confusion asking about rebols "video streaming capabilitys" and GUIs....IF R3 becomes more mainstream in the future.

    i was never really happy with VID as the name, that to implyed streaming video not GUI, "GID" Graphical Interface Dialect aways seemed like a far better fit.

    10-Dec-2008 23:59:21
    Pronounced Goo-EE-her. :) DRM
    Magnus Hagerman
    16-Dec-2008 12:25:28
    Hmm.. What about FRONT? It fits both function and the Rebollious analogy. ;)
    Gary Yu
    22-Dec-2008 0:16:20
    How about PS, standing for ProScenium?

    Or continuing in the theatrical vein, how about Cyc (pronounced to rhyme with bike)? That's the commonly used short name for the cyclorama.

    (Okay, so I like the theater already!)

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