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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
1-Dec-2008 22:29 GMT

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Stepped sliders have been added, thanks to Henrik's work on slider enhancements.

Here's an example (using Henrik's GUI skin):

The code for these sliders is clean and obvious:

label "1 step"
slider options [steps: 1]

label "2 steps"
slider options [steps: 2]

label "3 steps"
slider options [steps: 3]

label "5 steps"
slider options [steps: 5]

label "10 steps"
slider options [steps: 10]

label "25 steps"
slider options [steps: 25]



3-Dec-2008 17:25:04
I am not sure I understand the utility of a one-step slider - but otherwise terrific - especially if balloon-help can be tied to to intervals when you hover over them or mouse-down/drag to them (e.g. range of 60 / 7 steps is not an obvious increment )

Would the one-step mean that pop-up could be tethered there at the "step" ?

Always glad to stop in at Henrik's pages ...

4-Dec-2008 3:42:34
RobertS, the point of the one-step is that it would take more code to leave it out than leave it in. You could have a 1 million step slider too. :-)
4-Dec-2008 16:55:04
Slick sliders! wow...

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