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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
4-Feb-2009 18:34 GMT

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It's funny how we get in these binds...

In January, we opened-up RebDev (DevBase chat) with our latest R3 release, had a burst of new user accounts, only to find that the server could not handle the Unicoded names. Boom. For now, we've limited chat to the existing accounts, while we get it figured out.

The root of the problem is that our servers are Linux, and there's no R3 yet running on Linux, hence no support for Unicode, hence the RebDev server chokes on UTF-8 encoded strings containing non-ASCII that are sent from the R3 client.

Anyway, that was motivation enough to take a short timeout and evaluate the R3 situation on Linux.

But, some good news! With a bit of work, an R3 has been built on Fedora Linux, and it runs well enough to bring up CHAT (so tcp, http, file handling, etc.) and send a message to the group. It felt a bit like sending a message in a bottle or from some other multiverse. Kind of exciting really. (But, I'm probably the only one in the REBOL domain that uses Fedora, so that bin probably won't work for your box.)

Here's what I want to to do:

Tell me what Linux you want as the "standard". Yes, I know, I've asked it before, but this time I'm serious, and we'll obtain a CPU and get it online for builds. I think a lot of you are keen on Ubuntu, no?

Also, since the Linux build is essentially Posix, it may be fairly close to building on Apple OS-X. That would be kind of nice, do you think? (But, keep in mind these are core builds mainly for backend usage, so no graphics at this time.)



Brian Hawley
4-Feb-2009 14:48:20
I brought this up in AltME, and Ubuntu got the most votes. The last LTS version would make a good target to build against.
Martin Johannesson
4-Feb-2009 14:59:32
An OS X version would be great. I'm very ready to start testing R3 and submitting feedback, literally as soon as the OS X version is available. :-)
4-Feb-2009 17:05:38
if your serious then slax seems like a very good fit the aurthor gives us the livecd/usb scripts aeveryone else uses fter all and the dev modules are a generic inclusion of slax cd/usb

not to mention the current slax livecd/usb2 boots with a fully operational netboot server as standard, something the other distros dont do out the box....

Peter Carlsson
5-Feb-2009 1:32:08
I think Debian would be a good choice since many distributions are based on Debian. Although easy to install, a *.deb package in the normal Debian repository would be great.
5-Feb-2009 6:02:28
What of Kubuntu? I run Ubuntu, was wondering in the KDE crowd were catered for.



5-Feb-2009 9:48:01
lets face it , you cant get much easyer than SLax Modules..

you make you self contained module and put it on something like tomas M's simple modules webpage hxxp://

[Download] to your storage [Add to Build] select module for your custom LiveCD/USB [Activate] as in live insert it to your running slax

perfectly in line with the rebol thinking and your limited only by your will to run the script to make the module, simple. build system is taking a long time to be finish OC but he's got other core things to work on so this has sat there, but it does work apparently....

the simple key to all this OC is the fact you can take the his liveCD scripts and move between liveCD and USB an back really easily.

copy your livecd to a bsu key, add/take away more modules, run a script, and burn the new image back to CD, done....anything thats in a a *.deb package , or running in/on KDE will be available in slacks and so directly usable in SLAX, or you can just make as per usual if you prefer, slax is the way to go, and you can nettboot the contents of yourliveCD/USB to any LAN connected netboot PC. simple easy and to my mind , perfectly rebol like and light as you want it to be...try it and see

5-Feb-2009 13:01:57
One more vote for debian. Wouldn't it then work on Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu,Morphix,Linspire.. ( ). To my limited view most VPS-s use debian, ununtu server and centos.
5-Feb-2009 14:21:17
hi, debian distrib (ubuntu etc... will be great) a+
7-Feb-2009 0:37:50
I vote for Ubuntu or Debian
7-Feb-2009 18:50:21
r3-core-a33-p421 runs on Gentoo Linux too:

# uname -a Linux 2.6.18-92.1.22.el5xen #1 SMP Tue Dec 16 12:26:32 EST 2008 x86_64 Dual Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 265 AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux

# ldd r3-core-a33-p421 => (0xffffe000) => /lib32/ (0xf7dba000) => /lib32/ (0xf7d94000) /lib/ (0xf7ef3000)

the distro shouldn't have to count, only the libc, right?

7-Feb-2009 18:55:26
I have a Mac mini and an iBook. Both PPC.

So for now I can only work online on the above mentioned virtual server ( -- the better VPS providers allow SuSE or Gentoo too ;)

Btw, Qtask had a very simple UTF8 encoder/decoder function pair for R2. Cannot we use just that and reopen the user creation?

8-Feb-2009 13:59:06
libc and other libraries can be compiled different ways, so the distro matters a lot.
2-Mar-2009 11:28:32
I, for one, would feel thoroughly left out if REBOL is GTK+ oriented. I use Kubuntu, so please see to it that Bash and X-Server is all that I would need :(
5-Dec-2011 15:48:09
I vote for debian or Ubuntu
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