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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
27-Feb-2009 20:54 GMT

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R3 DevBase chat (RebDev) is accepting new accounts, so if you didn't get in earlier, now is the time. An extra validation step is now required.



Blaz Segavac
14-Mar-2009 13:35:01
I am having problems trying to create an new account for the R3 DevBase chat. I go through the whole new-user registration process but I never receive the email it said that was just sent to the email address I just entered.

This chat system bring back memories of the days where the internet was purely text based, and using the various news readers for Usenet news. Looking forward to trying it out. :-)

Carl at REBOL
17-Mar-2009 12:13:03
Try again - we have been seeing some packet drops recently, and I noticed at least one email bounce (oddly the email server did not try to send it again, it just gave up.)

Yes, it is like the old days, hopefully better in various ways, but we'll have it into GUI form soon, as we resume the implementation part of that project, and important priority for many of us.

Carl Sassenrath
18-Mar-2009 23:15:03
More info: We do see some email bounce from a few email servers. If you don't get an email response, try using a Gmail or Yahoo account.
Blaz Segavac
19-Mar-2009 9:15:36
Your suggestion did the trick using my Hotmail email account. The email arrived immediately after I pressed the 'Enter' key.

It looks like I need to talk to my ISP because blocking email for no reason is just not on. :-( you have any idea why a few email servers are bouncing emails from Could it be a configuration problem with my ISPs ( email server, or are the emails bouncing before they are getting to my ISP?

Thanks for your help.

Blaz Segavac
19-Mar-2009 10:07:25
More info: As reported in the feedback the R3 DevBase chat account authentication emails did in fact arrive but were marked as junk (a false positive) by

So from the looks of it my ISP is in the clear.

Thanks again for your help.

Carl Sassenrath
22-Mar-2009 20:46:36
Blaz, glad you got it figured out. Yes, email can be problematic at times.

Actually, I think it might be a problem on our side.

Close examination of the rejected email header (from the bounce) shows that it's just a bit spoofed because it's coming from our primary web server which is not under our domain name. I think some spam filters check that.

A better solution would be to move the account authentication to the domain (once things settle down there.)

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