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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
26-Mar-2009 0:27 GMT

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I'm not sure I posted a note on this where people can see it... so I'll post it here.

In R3, the ?? function now allows blocks.

As you know, ?? is quite useful for debugging because it prints not only a molded value, but the variable word:

name: "Neo"
?? name
name: "Neo"

Using it on a block:

name: "Neo"
age: 32
file: %morpheus.r

?? [name age file]
name: "Neo"  age: 32  file: %morpheus.r

It's handy not only because you can easily see multiple values, but also because it's just one line, and you can easily comment it out later.

;?? [name age file]

A small thing, but I use it often. That's why I wanted to note it.

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