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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
5-Apr-2009 19:10 GMT

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There's a new page for R3 releases that gets updated automatically by the build process. (Of course, you may need to F5/reload it, depending on your browser settings and ISP caching policies.)

The page is: R3 Downloads

Of course, if you already have R3 (and also have direct, non-proxy HTTP), it is faster to get new versions by typing this line:

>> upgrade

They are compressed, so they download faster.



5-Apr-2009 15:23:43
Just one small note - it would be nice, if releases page would provide link to release notes - I found them both important and usefull for users ....
Carl Sassenrath
5-Apr-2009 22:06:18
Ok, it's been added.
6-Apr-2009 5:54:26
Has anyone managed to get the OS X PPC version to work? Recipe?



6-Apr-2009 17:11:04
I downloaded version A43 and type upgrade. It works... but it downloaded the Windows version even I'm working with a Mac Intel ;-)
Carl Sassenrath
6-Apr-2009 18:34:28
Luis: I think Robert did. Note that it's just a raw executable binary file, not a tar or gzip. If your browser cannot save it as a file, use R2 and:

  • Run rebol from shell
  • write/binary %r3 read/binary http://www...
  • quit rebol
  • chmod +x r3
  • ./r3 (to run it)

    Goldevil: What a surprise! A script bug? If someone wants to look it over, let me know... or I'll check it out when I get some time.

  • Carl Sassenrath
    6-Apr-2009 18:40:12
    Goldevil, I remember now... It just looks like windows version, but it's not. Just rename the file (remove the .exe), and it will work fine. I'll get that bug fixed.
    7-Apr-2009 9:03:19
    Erm... Looks like I just needed the chmod +x...



    7-Apr-2009 9:14:59
    'Graphics functions missing. Demo cannot be run.'

    Little steps...into big holes... :)

    Arrows (up, down) don't have the command history.



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