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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
5-May-2009 19:30 GMT

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I added FUNCTORs because we thought they might be useful, and BrianH provided an elegant implementation for them (in one line).

Functors are essentially objects, but with a single entry point. They can be used for things like event processing, which holds state, but only has a single entry (method): the event action itself.

However, I don't want to pollute R3. It's always difficult to decide what is and what is not useful. (And, functors are probably not alone.)

So, in A51, they're gone. If I'm wrong in this choice, I'm sure you will tell me.

Also, we can put them into an "R3/Plus" and you can import that as a module.



Brian Hawley
5-May-2009 16:12:39
The function that has been proposed as its replacement needs a better name then, so it can be added and used in mezzanine code.
Brian Hawley
6-May-2009 17:47:27
The replacement has been reformulated as an extension to FUNCT. So no worries. I look forward to seeing R3/Plus :)
Adrian Sampaleanu
6-May-2009 23:32:40
Off topic remark, but this is the first post where I noticed the change - I find the new font used for the blog to be harder to read. Makes things look kind of messy. I'm not sure, but maybe the letter/word spacing is not helping either.
Adrian Sampaleanu
6-May-2009 23:34:47
Disregard the last comment - it seems Firefox was acting up. A refresh changed things to the way they used to be.

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