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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
15-Jul-2009 13:54 GMT

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It's time to remove system/words because it's no longer valid in R3.

In R2, the system/words object contained all words (system and user) and their global values. In R3, there is no such object.

In R3, the system/contexts holds words for different parts of the system. So, system/contexts/exports is the "library" available to your program, and system/contexts/user are the actual words used by your program. This approach let's you "overload" words in your program's context without affecting the system.

There may be a few developer tools that use system/words in R2, but I don't know if they are used in R3 as of yet. The conversion should be easy.

In addition, I should mention that the help function uses system/words, but we can change that to use system/contexts/exports. We should also talk about whether we want help to include user defined words -- a feature many of us have found useful. If so, we'll need to add that extra search.



15-Jul-2009 10:48:49

imo 'help function should definitely include user context or module context functions, objects, or even dialect help. Extending help for dialect is another topic, but valid one. My proposition was - help/dialect vid button, help/other, or some other way, e.g. the ability to register our dialects with help system and extending its lookup capability dynamically, so that no othe refinement is needed ...

16-Jul-2009 8:03:59
User space dialect word help is a desirable feature of the language. Perk suggestion is appealing.
25-Jul-2009 17:56:18
As I am learning TIL (Threaded Interpretive Language), I find there could be some use for a selectable help content, based on desired context. In fact everything mentioned above would be useful at times.

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