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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
22-Sep-2009 19:31 GMT

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Parse errors made more informative:

>> parse "abc" [1]
** Script error: PARSE - unexpected end of rule after: 1

>> parse "abc" [if]
** Script error: PARSE - unexpected end of rule after: if

>> parse "abc" [copy "x" "abc"]
** Script error: PARSE - expected a variable, not: "x"

>> parse "abc" [copy: "abc"]
** Script error: PARSE - command cannot be used as variable: copy:

>> bc: "bc"
>> parse "abc" ["a" :bc "bc"]
** Script error: PARSE - attempt to change input series: :bc

>> parse "abc" [if 1]
** Script error: PARSE - syntax error in rule: if

These should help users figure out rule problems.



Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
22-Sep-2009 16:01:25

what can I say?

22-Sep-2009 16:11:16
I have no words. :-)
22-Sep-2009 23:24:40
Carl i know exactly what to say for once...

The idiot in me say to you: "Thank you" a million times for that improvement. And he hope he will get a better dialogue with parse now on ^_^.

Gerard Cote
23-Sep-2009 22:45:10
Nice to see informative errors msgs when really needed.

Every programmer will now appreciate the difference and take it to its real advantage!

What a great improvement for such a small variation ...

Thanks Carl!

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