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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
5-Oct-2009 18:36 GMT

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The focus of A86 was to rework the code to make it possible to finish more of the needed changes to the PARSE function. This release should also fix a few bugs, but the focus of this release was not on bug fixing (that will happen soon.)

One change of interest in A86 is that INTO can enter into a sub-parse of a string. For example, this line parses both a block and the string within it:

>> parse [a "test"] ['a into ["te" "st"]]
== true

Of course, most of the time you will want to confirm the datatype before such a match. This can be done with the AND word:

>> parse [a "test"] ['a and string! into ["te" "st"]]
== true

Here AND checks that the input is a string before the sub-parse. (Because AND does not advance the input.)



6-Oct-2009 8:29:57
That is a great feature. The past lack of it has been preventing me to use PARSE in many situations.
23-Oct-2009 1:17:07
The only problem here would be with current scripts that actually try to match a block ["te" "st"] and encounter a string, particularly if the 'into rule contains block-only directives ["te" set var string!]

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