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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
12-Oct-2009 18:34 GMT

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When a crash occurs in R3 it can be difficult to know what caused it (so you can report it as a bug.)

It is possible to obtain a crash dump from R3 when a crash happens. Here's how to enable it:

>> secure [debug allow] 
>> evoke 'crash-dump

Now, if a crash occurs, you will see internal information displayed on the console. It includes a stack dump that should help you determine where the crash happened.

Try to get the crash to occur in just a few lines of code, so you can report it as a bug. Do not report just "my code crashed". That is not helpful.

If necessary, we can improve on the crash dump output in the future to provide more information about state of the system as of the crash.



Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
12-Oct-2009 16:51:29

this is one of the most interesting new thing to come out of the "Carl's secret R3 file" for a while. :-)

You should start a new blog called: "Carl's magic tricks"

Where you just dump neat tricks, code patterns, and hidden, new or not yet publicized R3 features. it would have quite a following.

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