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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
2-Dec-2009 23:56 GMT

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The R3 Host Kit makes it possible to build REBOL from a set of host source files and the REBOL library (DLL).

The Host Kit release is divided into several development stages. This is the very first stage, so I'm calling it a "prototype"... simply because it's only been compiled here so far, not by anyone else. This release goes to just a few developers to verify that it is buildable and to work out any serious issues within a small group, just to keep it manageable. But, don't worry. If you're champing at the bit (npi), you'll get a copy later this month when we've got any gotchas worked out.

Too much time has gone into trimming and simplifying the host kit. With the current source code and makefile, I can quickly compile and build a REBOL executable using a bare bones WinGW C compiler. That feels good. I kept it very simple because I like to abide by the adage that the best systems begin as simply as possible. Why? Because they only get more complicated from there. Systems never get simpler -- only more complex.



3-Dec-2009 2:56:11
Congratulation, Carl. This is really a milestone in how we treat R3 community. Along with Extensions concept, now nothing will prevent community to get R3 to desired target platforms, and incorporate usefull additional functionalities into the platform ....
3-Dec-2009 16:08:08
I agree: important step !
3-Dec-2009 22:50
Absolutely fantastic to hear - I can't wait to put it through the paces on Windows Mobile when it's ready :)
Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
5-Dec-2009 22:17:37
wow, Christmas is early this year!


7-Dec-2009 10:17:13
A good reason to buy my new computer as soon as possible!
11-Jan-2010 8:01:17
I am getting puzzled as to the release of the Host Kit to others than first-line developers. Carl's tweet of 20 Dec said:
And yes, we will open the R3 Host Kit to all developers before the end of Dec. We did it this way to avoid a possible flood of dev feedback. 7:52 PM Dec 20th, 2009 from web
There are no files on R3 chat (WebDev). Have I missed something?

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