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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
6-May-2010 15:20 GMT

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Just to let you know that A98 has been released for a few platforms.

On Windows, this is a Core release, not View. But, there will be a View release soon as well, we just need to determine how to handle both from the web-download admin side of things.

Also, we'll be releasing the Host Kit for A98, which also shows how to create your own embedded extensions. (That is, ones that are internal to the exe and become available when REBOL boots.) I've got a few modules I want to put there eventually: CGI access, RDB (a micro database I use quite often), and RIS (super-minimized network services but quite useful.)

With A98 out, there's still some work to do to move the graphics related functions to the host side. If you want to help with that, please contact me via feedback or on R3 Chat.



6-May-2010 14:02:17
Now things are getting very interesting. Will I be able to use extensions to access Windows Presentation Foundation Classes?
6-May-2010 15:38:36
Great, things are getting interesting for sure. You wrote "On Windows this is a Core release". Does View work on Macs, yet?
7-May-2010 6:51:19
as for RDB, we would welcome RIF module finally :-)
7-May-2010 7:43:56
Windows core 98 - Changes in console sends me to the old URL
Brian Hawley
7-May-2010 17:29:51
Paul, noone has tried to interact with .NET code in R3 yet. The current lack of callbacks is expected to be a problem. It's been on my todo list to make a .NET-hosted R3, and likely on the lists of many others as well.

If you want to give it a shot after the next host code release, go for it!

9-May-2010 16:46:20
glad to hear that R3 seems to be moving again.

any idea when R3 will be completed?

In terms of roadmap, is there any plan for rebol to get a compiler in the future?

One thing that would be good to have is a project milestones,... feel very much like in the dark about the future.

9-May-2010 18:16:53

View has worked on OS X for years; I have written a client management application for the non-profit health care sector using Rebol, RebGui & MySQL 2 years ago. I have had only one display issue with fonts under OS X - other than that the app. looks and behaves exactly the same under all operating systems with only a handful of lines dealing with OS specific stuff.

10-May-2010 7:05:04
Sure, but this blog is about REBOL 3.
10-May-2010 13:10:53
I know it works great in 2.x. I am trying to figure out when it will be available for OS X on 3.0? I am about to start a project in 2.x unless 3.0 will be ready sooner for GUI capabilities on OS X.
11-May-2010 8:27:08
R3 GUI development is being restarted now, but there's no telling when ports other than Windows will be done.
13-May-2010 22:46:37
batman rebol 3 will be completed around 20XX


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