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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
18-May-2010 20:07 GMT

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Some of you may be wondering where the Host Kit is for A99?

  • The good news: the lib and host have been built and run on Win32.
  • The bad news: I've not tracked suggestions and contributions other than Abolka's change for the Posix lib (e.g. mainly for better Linux support).

I really need to find someone who wants to be an external coordinator for host-kit changes and setup a channel to communicate.

The coordination would include fixes or improvements to the host lib and device sources, but also any minor fixes to includes or the makefile. In addition, we would keep a list of desired improvements to the interface, such as the access and creation functions to various other datatypes, macros, blah blah.

If you've made suggestions on this topic before... I'm sorry, I've just had too much going on -- a human "stack overflow." But, I want to get it back on track, and I need help from someone who is both interested and organized.



18-May-2010 20:19:55
Maybe you need volunteers for each platform eg Linux, Arm, Syllable ...
19-May-2010 4:35:04
I agree with Graham. I am not sure there is one person, who actively uses all systems. Other than that, good candidates might be BrianH, Robert, Maxim, but it depends on their available time to contribute.

OTOH - anyone actively using Extensions migh contribute. I think that we need host lib first release, documentation describing current state, oportunities, to-do list, etc., and then we will have some "central" place to start with.

Robert M. M√ľnch
19-May-2010 5:26:16
Carl, get in contact with me about the Host-Kit maintenance. I think I can help here.
Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
19-May-2010 9:35:13
Me too. I'd love to help with the management of the extensions specifically.

I've been using them and need them to do much more for my commercial work. things like support for more types, some form of direct REBOL callback, context manipulations, devices, run-time host library support using dyncall, etc.

I've been quite involved with extension from the day they where released, this is a very important component for all of my work in R3.

21-May-2010 5:02:46
So, if the win32 host has been built, what's the d/l link?

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