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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
29-Jul-2010 20:18 GMT

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There's been a request to allow access to the host's r3lib API from extensions. At first, it seemed like a good idea, but then, not.

The reasoning is this: once released, the extension API cannot change, or at least only on major version changes, like an R4.

However, we allow the r3lib API to change between host releases. Therefore, if we allowed extensions to access it, extensions could become incompatible between minor releases, and that's not a good thing.

So, what I need to know from you is what functions published in the r3lib API should also be provided in the extension API. No, you cannot have them all, because many are only relevant to the host bootstrap itself.



14-Aug-2010 12:54:07
Hum over a week without answer to this question ?

Well i don't know the details but i think as you did carl an the r3lib should have some "access" features and allowing to keep a certain degree of interfacing while at same time allowing the bellow API to evolve.

After that as i said i don't know the details the R3 is still in R3 so if you do have to make an evolving API that's noW ...

21-Aug-2010 5:39:07
in ruby1.9 some basic syntax constructs has been deprecated changes after ruby1.8.7. they included the complex number class into the core libraries, so our application clashed with it, since we had a complex class too, but in the sense of big building groups.

the community's answer to this was:

it tracked how ruby libraries are catching up with these changes.

for me it took ~2hrs to make a ~200 file rails app compatible with it.

i wouldn't worry much about such api changes. there are a lot of capable ppl in the software communities.

24-Aug-2010 21:48:10
Onetom yeah and the capable poeple in rebol's community will force you to pay for their help so bro don't got too far of your visa or your mastercard that will become your best tool to get anything here.

I looked more into R3 hostkit ... we are zillion years away from the keep it simple phylosophy that's sad ... what ever the api is with such a mixed thing you can't expect Carl more than 10 people around the world to use it ...

Sorry if i'm rude but i say the things as they appears to me i'm the first in commenting this subject anyway in more than a month proof that most of the people around just don't give a damn about it ...

R3 hostkit would be in my opinion more easy to understand if the inner inherence hierarchy was made more clear ... what caused me problems was to identify how the rebol part is linked to the C part... how rebol use code described in the C files? things like that i'm not good at explaining that but that's my feeling.

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