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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
23-Oct-2010 7:04 GMT

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You will notice in the REBOL 3 downloads area a preliminary release of R3 A109 for Amiga OS4 on PPC. I need to emphasize "preliminary". When a build runs well enough to pass the basic tests, run the R3 chat reblet, and upload itself to the website, then it gets to be released for further community testing.

And, besides, tomorrow is AmiWest, and "I promised."



Steven Solie
25-Oct-2010 14:52:42
A huge thanks from all Amiga OS fans for this effort.

The host-kit will be the next focus.

25-Oct-2010 16:02:36
Awesome ! Thanks for support amigaos4 !
25-Oct-2010 17:36:16
Guys, do you think you will get it working including the GUI? :-)
25-Oct-2010 18:01:26
Nice to have this on OS4 :) Thanks
26-Oct-2010 5:23:37
Thanks !!! :))
26-Oct-2010 7:47:44
Carl welcome back to Amiga !
Carl Sassenrath
26-Oct-2010 15:27:22
Thanks for the positive feedback. Always good to hear.

A progress update: Last night I built the first R3 shared object (library) for Steven Solie to test the Host-Kit with OS4. Steven will be the person providing information and reports on such progress.

One goal is to go directly to the AmigaOS interface, bypassing the Posix lib we are now using to get it running quickly. Note that this is all on the open source side of things, so can be maintained in a more timely fashion, and adjusted for variations between Amiga configurations and releases.

Brian Deneen
12-Nov-2010 21:55:34
We really appreciate the effort that you have put in, Carl, to get R3 running for Amigans. The last version (complete with VID interface) was View 1.2 - that's a while back. And now that all of us can work with it, I think we'll have something good to work with soon.

We have some great ideas to implement and hope that all Amigans watching these posts will help with that project. Thanks for introducing R3 for the Amiga at AmiWest 2010!

19-Oct-2011 20:51:09

Is there anymore info on the Amiga OS4 version of R3.


20-Oct-2011 13:56:17
The AmigaOS4 version of R3 has not moved since the last time there was an update on it.
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