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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
23-Oct-2010 7:10 GMT

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There's an unofficial draft version of the A109 host-kit on the site. I say "draft" because it's not tested at all. The focus of A108-A109 is on the core and its contexts, not the host-kit.

However, if you do try it, remember that modules have changed; therefore, extension modules have changed! However, the /Core release includes the minimal xtest extension, which seems to work ok, so you can have some degree of confidence.

However, your extension module header should look like this now:

    title: "My extension"
    type: module
    options: [extension]

A number of other options are available. (See Brian Hawley's notes if you need more info.)



Brian Hawley
23-Oct-2010 15:29:53
If you forget the type: module or options: [extension] in your extension source, don't worry too much; the extension loader will add them for you. Old extensions should in theory load just fine. You probably don't want to forget the name though, as that matters.

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