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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
23-Oct-2010 7:53 GMT

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Just a reminder... beginning in A109 these three lines are useful. Run R3 and type:

? self

? lib

? sys

Gives you an idea of how the main contexts are set up.

Here's a description:

 selfis your user context, where your main script lives. If you didn't provide a script, it's mostly empty.
 libis the export library, and contains all the main functions of the system, as well as any exported module functions.
 sysis the private system context. What used to be intrinsics now live here. Note that words of value 'done indicate functions that concluded their operation (and are being recycled.)



23-Oct-2010 4:01:47
? lib gives so many lines of output that the poor Windows console runs out of memory and can't let you scroll back to the beginning. So if you really want to know what is in lib, be sure to type echo %output.txt first :)
Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
23-Oct-2010 17:42:48
you can also increase the line bufer from the dos prompt properties... I usually set it to something like 5000 lines or more which give a good level of history.
looking good
24-Oct-2010 12:55:32
its starting to look good ,i fear its to little to late for mass uptake in 2010/11 now see the google go story and realize they actually initiated a discussion on the GCC mailing list about merging the Go front-end into the mainline code-base for the GNU Compiler Collection.

come 2011 when GCC 4.6 is released, everyones future attention and focus will become google Go it seems, shame.

24-Oct-2010 13:55:36
looking good - go and play with your iPhone :-) It seems that in order for you to use some technology, it needs to be approved by Steve Jobs, or Google? :-) Besides those two "gods", no other technology has the right to exist. What a sad world for you :-)
Brian Hawley
24-Oct-2010 14:31:03
LG, Go is a good language, so it likely was accepted into GCC on its own merits, even though a Google employee first suggested its inclusion. Not everything is a power play. The GCC project has said no to powerful companies before, and it will say no again. It just turned out that it was a good idea to say yes this time, regardless of who was asking.

Nonetheless, this is not a comparable situation. REBOL is not a compiled language, so it would make no sense to even suggest that it be added to GCC, a compiler. REBOL is aimed at a different usage model than Go. There is no reason that both can't succeed; the one does not exclude the other. And some projects might even use both languages :)

25-Oct-2010 11:14:29
Also, open source, including the GCC project, is an inclusionary philosophy. If you are willing to put in the effort to do the integration, you are in. For example, there has been a D frontend for GCC for several years, much like the proposed Go frontend. Yet, D hasn't taken over the world of programming languages.

The Linux kernel is the same. For example, it still includes an Amiga file system driver. I suppose that means the Amiga will take over the world next year. ;-)

Brian Hawley
25-Oct-2010 15:27:50
D is a good example, Kaj, because they have had a frontend for GCC for years but it's not integrated in the main distribution. Why is that? If they went through the trouble of integrating for real they might have had more uptake. For that matter if GDC was an officially supported platform rather than a third-party clone it may have helped too.

Unfortunately regardless of the merits of Go or the power of Google or Open Source, the real reason that people paid attention to Go in the first place is likely because it was announced in a comic strip. Popularity is like that.

27-Oct-2010 16:37:59
Where's the REBOL comic, then? I think Reichart should be able to do one. ;-)
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