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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
28-Oct-2010 2:58 GMT

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It's about time we move the host-kit files to a location that provides better source control and developer access.

Andreas Bolka has already setup an unofficial area on, and we'd like your comments on it. If there are no strong objections, we'll make that the official location.

I should note that this is experimental, and we'll see how it works out for the REBOL community.



Steven Solie
29-Oct-2010 15:16:19
I suppose my only complaint is that we don't yet have a git client for AmigaOS which makes things rather inconvenient. The obvious solution is to port git of course but it does make me wonder how many other platforms may be behind the curve.

Perhaps a subversion repository would be a more common denominator?

I wouldn't want to go as far back as cvs given it is just a pain to move files around, etc.

29-Oct-2010 15:42:13
Fortunately enough, you can also use subversion to access Github repositories until someone ports a native Git client. Try it with:

svn co

30-Oct-2010 10:44:48
Git is hard to port because of its complex dependencies and programming style hostile to anything not Linux. Syllable Desktop doesn't have it yet, either. Unfortunately, almost all the modern source control systems are hard to port.
Carl Sassenrath
31-Oct-2010 11:37:23
Yes, git is problematic in this way. To use it here on my Linux server I had to rebuild it from source, and most of the older build boxes don't have it, nor will they.

However, those boxes are only used to build, and I am told that obtaining file archives from github is trivial. A small script can be used to automate those builds, without needing git at all.

Of course, if you want to make changes or additions, you'll need to access git, but I assume this can be done via a web interface to github, and if not we can build a git-gateway that runs off one of our servers. We could even use a small REBOL dialect.

We will see how this works out over the next few months. If it appears to be problematic for too many developers, we'll find a better solution.

31-Oct-2010 13:16:26
I understand, but it's frustrating, because the whole advantage of Git being a distributed, locally working source management system is broken this way.
31-Oct-2010 18:14:42
So, if you want distributed why not mercurial and

You will get much better client support across platforms, the advantage of distributed, and the simplicity of svn. Dunno about AmigaOS though :-P.

31-Oct-2010 21:05:22
If Mercurial works on your platform but Git does not (or if you simply prefer Mercurial over Git), just use the Hg-Git plugin to access the Github repository.
5-Nov-2010 4:08:22
DARCS and might also be a distributed option.

Back in the past it had issues, but those are gone. Don't believe any crap about it u read on the net :)

I'm a longtime user and I taught it to many people. It's a lot easier to explain than SVN or GIT.

When I'm teaching it, I feel like teaching REBOL. It has a clean and short command set. It's just 1 executable file. It works cross platform. It's simple.

5-Nov-2010 13:03:39
Amazing !! Outstanding !! Freaking nuts irrealistic!!! For once REBOL use an existing solution and don't try to reinvent the weel ... WhhhooooW
19-Nov-2010 6:47:23
(at)Shad, I like Carl to use his own solution, that's the best way to test it. How many companies sell solutions they don't even use?

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