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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
12-Feb-2011 18:31 GMT

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A few months back we set-up Git for the R3 Host Kit source code control. This was a suggestion from a REBOL user for tracking releases and changes. We picked Git for the reasons listed in the above link.

It has come time to release R3 A111, and I'm looking at Git for source submissions. On github, I see changes from Oldes. That's great, thanks Oldes. So, are there any other change submissions? If so, where might they be posted?

The purpose of github was to use a well-supported central source management service. But, if Oldes and I are the only github users, I'm not sure it's worth the effort. It's easier for me to use R3 devbase to fetch and post source code changes, and it works on every target platform, and I've got the full power of R3 scripting behind it. Perhaps that's what I should use, and someone else can become a "gateway" back and forth to github.

Also, I will admit that these days I'm very busy with special projects that I don't have time to follow various discussions and message threads. But, I check in with BrianH, Cyphre, Ladislav, RobertM, Henrik, Gregg, and DocKimbel on a regular basis. If you need to reach me, contacting one of them might be the best path.

Anyway... R3 A111 is ready for release. If I can find any other changes this weekend, I will merge them. Otherwise, A111 will be released as is, and we can merge other changes into A112.



13-Feb-2011 5:37:35
these things need some time to take off...

github has a nice tutorial page which helps its adoption a lot, i think:

if someone can throw together a guide on how to do version control on R3 devbase, i wouldn't hesitate with the switch, though.

13-Feb-2011 5:40:52
Perhaps it helps to have the Git host kit page as a link on the front page of I had completely forgotten about it.
13-Feb-2011 8:25:15
I don't care if you will release the updates using github, R3 chat(devbase?), or using other way as long as there will be any releases in the future. I started using github and it's not bad. The main problem with R3 chat is, that even you are not using it last months and it's almost invisible from outside.

Also if you want more people to adopt R3 and start improving host-kit, it's pretty important to see the evolving process.. for example it would be very useful to see a diff between your original and Steven's Amiga port, which is unfortunately not available at this moment.

13-Feb-2011 11:04:01
13-Feb-2011 16:23:34
What Oldes said.

As long as you are sticking to the current release-based model (in contrast to continuously publishing in-progress development commits), it does not matter much where the releases are published.

The vastly more important thing is that those releases are published at all, and consistently so: i.e. for each and every release, pre-built binaries for the 3 main platforms (Win32, Linux, OSX) and up-to-date hostkit sources along with the host library (libr3) for those platforms.

13-Feb-2011 17:54:08
Exactly as guys say - not releasing nor fixing a ticket in few months makes not difference to where the sources are. R3 project needs some dedication, which we are facing the lack of.

The last thing we need is to once again change the distribution schema, and even more so to the system, which got mostly abandoned sooner than fully finished (R3 Chat).

I think that I am the person understanding when own, in-house developed systems make sense, but otoh I also could see, how R3 Host Kit and public source visibility helped to encourage the ppl. So please - no more departures from stuff which we decided upon earlier.

Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch
14-Feb-2011 9:28:45
I'm using git hub because its very efficient to merge back your changes to my changes (which are custom and shouldn't be part of the official distro).

its also very easy to store multiple versions to test stuff in parallel and not be lost in merge hell.

really, although not many of us might have contributed on this release code-wise, having git hub access really is nice.

15-Feb-2011 13:46:55
Whoa, whoa-- a quarter of a year has passed since the last blog. How about an update on things? A "state of the rebol nation" :)
20-Feb-2011 22:35:57
a Patchwork set up to track the different github from a automated web page might be nice such as ffmpeg use now so no patch gets missed and you dont need to keep reading the message board to keep track of progress.

and/or you might like to run something like x264 operates now and ever changing devel branch that takes manual human patch monkey style or an automated (some how, IRC logged and tracked rebol script !) patch set from the other github sub lists as and when they are updated... and auto

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2-Mar-2021 9:41:56
Ah... I missed 10th anniversary! Anyway.. it's year 2021 now and Git is working for R3 and project is still alive!

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