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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
20-Feb-2011 19:29 GMT

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As an experiment for A111, I compared various compiler optimizations using the simple technique shown in this line:

r3 --do "print [size? system/options/boot speed?]"

Here are the results for different optimizations:


You can see that the default -O2 used for releases produces a good blend of results.

Measurements taken on a mid-priced CPU: Intel i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30GHz (quad core.)



Brian Hawley
20-Feb-2011 15:54:38
Looks good! Does this hold true on different OSes? Have you tried this experiment on Linux/ARM yet, or does that need to wait for hardware?
20-Feb-2011 23:15:42
are these dezi cycles speeds ? and is the compiler producing actual sane assembly output (you did actually check it carl ?) the latest GGC i assume ?

also did LLVM/Clang get tested too , apparently Open64 especially on -O2 does really well , perhaps that also need trying to actually know if it is better to use it here for speed !

1-Jun-2011 1:31:52
I look only from the web to the development of R3, is anything hapoening. It looks and feels vanishing if you just look at the websites.
1-Jun-2011 5:30:02
Maarten - nothing is happening for the last half a year. The situation is discouraging, and any request for the status update stays unanswered. The only thing we know is, that Carl is working on some embedded Linux project, non REBOL related though. Let's hope Carl posts some status update at some point ...
2-Jun-2011 15:37:46
... and this is the best proof of why keeping it closed-source is such a good idea ;-)
3-Jun-2011 5:38:27
...and that's the worst thing to do by a business to maintain cutomer confidence.



Duncan M.
29-Jun-2011 13:19:37
I used R2 on some projects a couple years back. Overall, I was impressed and happy. I've been waiting on R3 for what seems like forever. But I'm impatient and I know that good things take time. I am concerned that it appears that R3 may be DOA. I had high hopes for it.
8-Sep-2011 11:57:52
Carl, are you alive? Please give a sign!
11-Sep-2011 0:05:10
where are you, Carl?
12-Sep-2011 4:42:46
Hello Carl. Do you read me, Carl?

Open the Rebol doors Carl..




30-Nov-2011 13:14:33
Calling Carl, come in Carl...

Someone hit him up on the hammy.

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14-Nov-2012 11:06:32
juste for record on archlinux with lastes r3 on pentium based computer (lets said it way way under Carl's computer)

r3 --do "print [size? system/options/boot speed?]" none 5803 2548 73 148

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