REBOL 3.0 Test Suites

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
20-Aug-2006 18:26 GMT

Article #0037
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One of the goals of REBOL 3.0 is to substantially improve the REBOL test suites to get better proof and coverage of the implementation. Due to the depth of REBOL semantics, these tests also represent a method of specification for the language itself.

Such tests are non-trivial to design due to the great range of datatype cases and boundary conditions in REBOL. However, I am pleased to announce that Ladislav Mercir, in addition to other REBOL 3.0 implementation responsibilities, is now in charge of the new tests.

As you know, Ladislav has a deep understanding for REBOL, and I am confident that these tests will help improve reliability of the new 3.0 system. If there is a particular test case that you need (or for that matter want to contribute), please contact Ladislav.


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