GUI-fied to the max...

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
19-Sep-2008 5:32 GMT

Article #0146
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Ok, pressure from the user-base requires me to take a break from coding and start to describe the R3 GUI. I'll start at the top, with the objectives and work my way to the lower levels.

I use this word "objectives" a lot. Some of you may not know precisely what I mean.

The word is very important to me. Think of an objective as a target. (Another word is goal, but normally a goal is an objective plus a timeline.... difficult to specify for complex software.)

People sometimes ask me how I write code. My method: I code by objectives.

Over the months of working on the GUI, I've refined it's objectives, based on the ultimate impact I want it to have.

Now, I just need to decide on the best location to start publishing the the GUI information. I think the REBOL DocBase (Mediawiki) makes the most sense, do you agree? (Although I still prefer MakeDoc format for most things. But, must bite the bullet.) However, we'll need to be very careful not to mix up the new GUI docs with the old. I hope I can get your help with it.


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