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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
21-Sep-2008 22:05 GMT

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We need to come up with a name for the R3 GUI dialect. We've talked about this in private chat, but we must finalize it now.

As you know, REBOL's GUI is a lean but powerful layer on top of the main graphics system. In R2, the GUI was called VID, the Visual Interface Dialect.

The R3 GUI has a new architecture. Although it uses similar methods, it is substantially different from the VID of R2. If we use the same name for R3, we run the risk of users being confused by the documentation for the older R2 VID.

Therefore, it seems best to come up with a new name. The name will be used for the GUI subsystem (which is also the application content/layout/action, "pages" method). So, mainly for us techies to refer to it in docs or chats. It is not a new name for REBOL or the R3 browser.

So, post your favorite name here in the comment section.

But first, just a few quick rules:

  • Short names are best (because the name gets used for objects, filenames, etc.) I liked VID because names like VID-STYLE and VID-FACE were easy.
  • Avoid names used by other GUI systems. Also, avoid names that are trademarked (or otherwise used) for software "in the same domain." For example, Flash is out.
  • It's a plus if the name is unique but still easy to say (verbally). When I say VID, you know what I'm talking about. If we had called it GUI or GGG... not as easy.
  • It's ok if the name has other meanings, as long as they're not in poor taste. Just as an example, if we called it QUID (Quick User Interface Dialect) that's the slang name of the British pound, but I don't think that would be a problem.

After we see the list of suggestions, hopefully one will stand out.

What do you win? Let me think... how about a free REBOL 3.0 t-shirt? In fact, even better: The very first REBOL 3.0 t-shirt! (We're nearing the time to get some made!)


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