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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
6-Oct-2008 17:58 GMT

Article #0150
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As you know, naming is always difficult. I want to get your input on a word used in the GUI...

The word is OPTIONS. It is used when you want to change the default attributes for a style. For example:

panel ... options [area-color: tan]
button ... options [min-size: 50x50 max-size: 500x50]

Note that in R2, we used the word WITH for a similar concept. I picked WITH because it was short and descriptive. I don't like long keywords for high frequency words.

So, the choices for this field in R3 are:

  1. options
  2. opts (shorter)
  3. with (like R2)
  4. use (meaningful, but not same as the use function)

Vote in comment section. Note that a word is required to indicate that the block contains options and not contents (the normal usage of a block when no keyword is provided.)


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