Status: RebDev setup, provisioning

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
30-Dec-2008 18:28 GMT

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With the RebDev (DevBase messenger) prototype now running with the main features (which I will document for you soon), it is time to "provision" it with initial headings.

I should note that headings of any level can be added at any time, but if we figure them out in advance, it helps prevent things from becoming chaotic.

For example, at the top level, we'll want something like this:

Users   - private user messages
General - general chat (main lobby)
RT      - general REBOL Tech related area
R2      - 2.* discussions
R3      - 3.* discussions

Then, under R3, we'd add natives, mezzanine, protocols, etc.

I should note that RebDev allows tagging, so there's no longer any need for headings like "Ask Carl" because those can just be tagged messages. More on that later.

So, that's what's next - the primary headings.

And a final note:

I realize that some of you don't understand why I'm doing this. That's ok.

To clarify: I won't release R3 to the larger community of users until we have a really good way to communicate about. DocBase and DevBase alone are not enough. (See prior blogs and chats on it.)

To define "good way": that means N-level header structured, tagged, multi-thread messages with user rank levels (not karma) and user permissions... with access available directly from the R3 console (text mode), HTML mobile feed, R3 GUI, HTML pretty pages, RSS feed, email list feed, and backup feed. This is a full REBOL message syndication and aggregation method.

I regret not doing this years ago. Sorry.

And, no I'm not writing all that myself - just the primary feeds that I need. Things like the HTML pages, RSS, email will need the community to contribute those modules.

More details soon.


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