Plugins vs Plugin (decided)

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
9-Aug-2009 1:24 GMT

Article #0230
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We have a small problem:

In R3, plugin components are called "plugins". These are function libraries that allow you to extend REBOL.

There is also the REBOL web browser plugin. This allows you to run REBOL (2) in the browser window.

If you Google "REBOL plugin" you will get links related to the browser plugin. You will see no links to the plugin component docs.

Perhaps before we release plugins, we need to decide if we should change them to some other name. In R2, the similar concept is called a component.

So, keep it as plugin or change it?

Now is the time to decide. After this point, we cannot go back.

Update 11-Aug-2009:

The name extensions is a reasonable alternative as mentioned by many developers. It is used with several other languages and it has a short form "ext" that can be used when needed.

Changes will be made to update all files, APIs, prefixes, suffixes, documentation and links.

Thank you for the quick feedback... so we can get it released.


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