R3 Host Kit prototype released

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
2-Dec-2009 23:56 GMT

Article #0298
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The R3 Host Kit makes it possible to build REBOL from a set of host source files and the REBOL library (DLL).

The Host Kit release is divided into several development stages. This is the very first stage, so I'm calling it a "prototype"... simply because it's only been compiled here so far, not by anyone else. This release goes to just a few developers to verify that it is buildable and to work out any serious issues within a small group, just to keep it manageable. But, don't worry. If you're champing at the bit (npi), you'll get a copy later this month when we've got any gotchas worked out.

Too much time has gone into trimming and simplifying the host kit. With the current source code and makefile, I can quickly compile and build a REBOL executable using a bare bones WinGW C compiler. That feels good. I kept it very simple because I like to abide by the adage that the best systems begin as simply as possible. Why? Because they only get more complicated from there. Systems never get simpler -- only more complex.


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