Battling the Module Monster, Again

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
5-Oct-2010 13:47 GMT

Article #0339
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Once again the R3 module subsystem has gotten between me and the next release -- specifically the A108 release.

This has happened a couple times before on R3. Development becomes a fight... a fight between simplicity and complexity, between maintainability and chaos, between elegance and ugliness. So many operating systems and languages get it wrong. We don't want that here. Earlier prototypes worked well. They were functional, clean, and simple. Understandable.

Some of you may be saying "Carl, we don't care." Yes, I know, I've heard that before. But, (if I had a Yoda voice, I'd use it here) you will care. You just don't know it yet. That's always what a good system designer struggles with -- anticipating the future.

Anyway... I just wanted to give you an update on progress. A108 contains many fixes, and I didn't want it to be delayed much longer. However, with the split out of the system context, I want the module system to move into its final form. Also, as you know, Brian H has submitted some changes to help support delay modules, better versioning, mix-ins, etc.

I'll keep hammering away on this... and see if we can get A108 released over the next few days.


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