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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
9-Apr-2006 17:06 GMT

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Comments are now possible for the blog, thanks to the free services of It's nothing fancy, but does solve the immediate need with only 60 seconds of REBOL programming required on my part.

Let me know how it works, or if there are any problems. If necessary, we can add a volunteer moderator or two to help manage the comments.

Thanks Ed and Chris for the Haloscan suggestion.



9-Apr-2006 13:40
:) great!
9-Apr-2006 13:40
:) A caveat about HaloScan-- I've heard that they "own" your comments, and in the past they've deleted comments as old as only 4 months. Sorry to post this rumour/info without firsthand experience.
10-Apr-2006 7:02
hi carl. i didnt know were else i could be sure you might see read this and didnt want to polute the rebol experts posting here as im no expert and infact mostly just look for /view apps that your average user might want to use such as GUI's, for instance for shell/cli encoder apps and the like, amazingly even after all this time, there doesnt seem to be any, and thats a shame, as i really do think just a few nice looking encoder front ends that can be used on any platform that exists for both /view and the encoders would get people using and gravitating to all things rebol etc.

i always thought that D-paint type app that any beginner could easly use to draw out the GUI right click to insert the cli/shell app you wanted to run from that click button, and have that app write out the fully working /view code ready to be used there and then, its a shame noone ever made that app, LOL.

i wonder if now iv voiced it, someone will be kind enough to make it and post to the or somewere so i can tell every shell app writer this great rebol app exists to help them make fancy GUI's for any supported platform and all with one single script :)

oh an amiga style requestchoice, requestfile and requesttext command embedded in a rebol/view would be a really useful option to help bring back the old amiga shell scipting again , shame i cant get a kingcon for windows or (PPC)linux so id love to use rebol in its place, as id hope many more old and new users (non programmers) might use it to.

one last thing i do wonder if your pet interest in AI will find its way into a future rebol and help define and expand HPC (High-Performance Object-Oriented Computational Science) for instance oo.php

sorry for going on but i hope iv been clear and perhaps interesting.

19-Apr-2006 6:55
Two of the comments here look like spam...maybe a moderator is needed.

To respond to popper -- take a look at R-Paint, a REBOL D-paint clone:

24-Sep-2006 1:28:38
wow, thats amazing and far more advanced than i need, well werth the 12k download.

its been renamed to Canvas for any new readers.

thats the thing with rebol people , they are so inovative, and thats the problem for my request, im after something in the same vain as that Canvas but dont need all the bells etc.

keeping that in mind and how Canvas is great and almost what im thinking, but all thats needed is instead of the vast amounts of options thats there i think it would be good to replace many of them with default or add-on bottons and grid to place them on, a right click that opens a page to edit button text, cli options and other gui options to make a rebol gui as simple as the old requestchoice,requestfile etc and have that Canvas inspired shell/cli gui app maker write out the working rebol/view code so anyone can make a fancy gui for any shell/cli app they care to make and use.

now that as iv always advocated, will aid and advance rebol to the masses of gui junkys that dont want to use the shell/cli but have no easy option until the rebol/view shellGUI-maker yet.

sorry if im still not clear, its clear in my head and Canvas just proves to me that it should be an easy thing for the pro rebol coders and the great Canvas coder could be in a very quick time frame......

it could exist but doesnt (yet)

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