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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
17-Aug-2006 0:17 GMT

Article #0036
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This REBOL 3.0 blog has also been moved to the new commenting method that lists the comments along with each article. Please contact me if you notice any problems.



18-Aug-2006 8:12:24
Good step forward except that first I like a 'clean' read without the comments. Can you hide the comments unless the reader explicitly wants to view them?
18-Aug-2006 12:05:32
The last uncommented posts already appear in the Main Page of the Blog. Older ones make sense with comments as when they come from Carl may "close" the discussion with a decision.

A quick way to implement comments hiding is to use div tags in page generation and the user to configure a browser with custom CSS stylesheet.

Carl Sassenrath
20-Aug-2006 14:26:41
It is possible to generate two output pages. One with the comments, one without. I prefer this method to using CSS, because of various devices that I use that do poorly with CSS (e.g. cell phone).

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