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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
13-Feb-2008 20:02 GMT

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There is a collection of "action items" to decide on for REBOL.

Rather than clutter up this higher level blog with those items, many of which are quite small, I've decided to use a new method for discussions and decisions.

See REBOL Discuss and Decide if you are interested in participating in the decision making process.

Although a blog is not the perfect method for doing this, the good thing is that you can easily point to items via a URL. For example, be sure to read this note first.



20-Feb-2008 14:00:20
Can you please add the R3 Decide link from homepage?
Jerry Tsai
20-Feb-2008 22:31:25
I guess it's just a temporary link and Carl wanted to keep it in low profile for some reason.

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