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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
27-Jan-2009 20:06 GMT

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Sometimes you just have to jump in and deal with the situation as it happens, so yesterday, we released R3 alpha for more users to try.

Watch this page for updates about what's going on.



Greg Schofield
28-Jan-2009 9:02:54
Thank you! I will not be bothering busy people with my silly questions, but at all possible could some R3 scripts be published (especially for the GUI) -- everything I have tried didn't work.
Carl Sassenrath
28-Jan-2009 14:57:07
Greg, yes... we'll be adding more examples each day. Check on the wiki and/or R3 chat for announcements on it.

Yesterday we added the GUI test as an example.

Greg Schofield
28-Jan-2009 17:31:06
Carl thanks for your work I am really looking forward to training myself to properly use and understand Rebol.

My eagerness prompted the request for script examples.

Best of luck and best wishes as R3 consolidates.

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