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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
4-Feb-2009 1:16 GMT

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R3 A33 Core (not view) for both Apple OS X and Linux (Fedora 2.6) have been uploaded. See RebDev chat #1627 for the gz distros. These are basically untested and I'm sure you'll find various bugs.

Note that if you're going to test R3 on CGI, you'll need to get-env your own CGI variables. But, it's easy to do, and actually just a bit faster because you can only fetch what you need.



5-Feb-2009 5:59:01
OS X: PPC or Intel?



5-Feb-2009 6:01:11
Ooops, just seen it, Intel. Pants.



Can someone assemble a d
6-Feb-2009 15:49:05
All Rebolers should be netbookers ( but for Steve Jobs not getting on board ... )

Rebol 276 installed fine

The DEB has to include dependencies that a full Xandros would no require. For example, on my 900A the Squeak deb installed and Squeak came up fine but the Curl6 deb did not ...

11-Feb-2009 0:35:39
I've found this page on REBDEV ( and tried to write an answer there, but I was not lucky to connect to REBDEV from my test Linux R3 CLI client, so could anybody put my opinion there PLEASE?...

I want to say to Carl, that the best and smallest Linux today IMO is PuppyLinux by Barry Cauler ( "A complete operating system with suite of GUI apps, only about 50 - 95MB and boots directly off the CDROM." And it is worth to make a build for it, as it's the fastest and frendly Linux today, try it yourself and you'll see.

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